Friday, March 8, 2013

Onchsheshonqy 6/7

Study a matter so that you may learn it. (P. Onch. 6/7)
The word translated as study is also used for to investigate. The sense is not so much one of a casual inquiry but a more thorough searching for information. While the term translated as learn can also mean to know, the idea is really more one of learning something.

What Onchsheshonqy advocates here is more than a superficial perusal, like looking something up in Wikipedia, but a thorough investigation of the subject that produces something more than superficial knowledge.

At the Symposium today, there were many who talked about others' study of the ancient world because those others thought there was something useful to be learned from the ancient world. For all of the talk of these people, they had not done any study of the ancient world themselves. Thus one speaker who feigned much learning informed his audience that Latin prisca came from Greek and that Patristic authors ceased in the fourth century. Those who think that the ancient world actually has something to offer, do the study themselves.