Monday, February 22, 2016

Upcoming Forum

Tomorrow's forum at BYU will feature Professor Christian Smith of Notre Dame speaking at the BYU Marriott Center at 11 am. Those who have paid much attention to this blog will know that I have a high opinion of his work and have cited it many times. Over on the book list, seven of his works have two star ratings (out of three) and one has the rare three star rating. It will thus come as no surprise that I highly recommend attending the forum.

Thursday, February 4, 2016

Randall Jones (1939-2016)

A couple of weeks ago I was looking in the library for a particular sort of book to replace one that I had years ago but had lost. I finally located one on the library shelf and when I checked it out was surprised and pleased to find that Randy Jones was one of the co-authors. He had served as my bishop for a few months, although I did not know him that well since I worked mainly with one of his counselors.

I was sad to discover today that he passed away last week. My condolences to his family. We will miss him.