Thursday, August 29, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From But For a Small Moment (1986), 29:
In any event, for centuries the Lord oversaw the painstaking work of prophets engraving, as they did, upon the plates which would be the basis of the Book of Mormon. He could scarcely be true to those diligent men, whom he loved and called, had he ignored the modern Church's casualness about the Book of Mormon. After all, merely holding or reading a menu is not the same thing as eating a fine meal.

Regarding the incredible "implants" which appear in these "other books," one searches in vain for ways to analogize adequately. These are like nuggets found far from the original mine, or like Mount Everest towering above sister peaks. If the transcendent theology in these books were today's high technology, it would suddenly appear, free standing, with only a few loose wires indicating previous connections.

Examples of such Everests would include chapter 3 of Abraham, chapter 1 of Moses, the third and fourth books of Nephi, and of course such verses as D&C 76:24; 107:53-57 and 121:26-32, from Liberty Jail. There are many others. These special portions sometimes stand amid a penumbra of other well-loved, less spectacular chapters and verses of scripture.