Friday, March 22, 2013

A.D. 282

For the events of A.D. 282, it is worth quoting Harold Mattingly's entry on Carus from the older Oxford Classical Dictionary (p. 210):
Carus, Marcus Aurelius (PW 77), born at Narbo, praetorian prefect of Probus, rebelled in Raetia in A.D. 282, and, after Probus had been murdered by his troops, announced to the Senate his accession as Emperor. Leaving Carinus as Caesar in the west, Carus marched east against Persia with his younger son and Caesar, Numerian. On the way he defeated the Quadi and Sarmatae on the Danube. Carus invaded Persia and captured Ctesiphon, but, venturing on a further advance, was killed, perhaps by treachery on the part of Aper, the praetorian prefect.
Don't these Roman Emperors learn anything?