Thursday, March 21, 2013

Addendum to the Last Post

I neglected earlier to add this insight of Greg Smith's that I particularly liked:
Elder McConkie was right on two other fronts, as well:
  1. there is such a thing as “semi-anti-Mormons,” among those who purport to be scholarly, neutral, and “balanced.”
  2. it is indeed just as important–or perhaps even more so–to know our enemies. Far better that they be honest and overt, than skulking hypocritically in the shadows, undercutting the prophets while protesting their allegiance.
It must be wearying for them. It certainly is for those of us who must watch it.
I have lived long enough to see a great number of semi-anti-Mormons. Some of them at very close range. I have also seen my share of plain anti-Mormons, and several of them at very close range.