Monday, April 29, 2013

Apostasy in Judith

The following sentiment is one that we typically associate with the Book of Mormon. It comes, instead from the apocryphal book of Judith in a brief summation of Israelite history:
As long as they did not sin against their God, they had the good things, for God is one who hates iniquity among them; but when they apostatized from the way which he set for them, they were destroyed . . . (Judith 5:17-18).
So, according to this God set for Israel a path, a way, for Israel to go in. As long as they followed the path that he set, they were blessed with good things. This would have included peace, prosperity and posterity. Leaving the path that God had set is termed apostasy. It is a rebellion against his plans. This apostasy brought consequences; they lost both the good that they once possessed and they were destroyed.

The Book of Mormon sees the same pattern applying to the descendants of Israel in its times. Modern apostles say that the same still applies in our day. We should not be surprised to watch it happen.