Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From But For a Small Moment (1986), 127-128:
Joseph's enemies were in some respects less troublesome than former friends. "Mormon dissenters are running through the world and are spreading various foul and libelous reports against us thinking thereby to gain the friendship of the world. . .; they [the world] make a tool of these fellows. . . and after that they hate them worse than they do us" (Writings, p. 379; see also D&C 121:20).

Yet the Prophet was assured that the people of the Church would never be turned against him by the testimony of traitors (D&C 122:3). Nevertheless, traitors would have sufficient influence to cast him into trouble (D&C 122:4).

Perhaps those now in watchcare roles in the kingdom can learn from Joseph in yet another way. Again, from Liberty Jail: "Your humble servant or servants intend from henceforth to [disapprove] everything that is not in accordance with the fulness of the gospel of Jesus Christ... They will not hold their peace as in times past when they see iniquity beginning to rear its head for fear of traitors or the consequences that shall flow by reproving those who... seek to destroy the flock." (Writings, pp. 405-6.) Earlier identification and quiet redemptive remonstration are to be preferred to delayed, embittering, public showdowns.