Monday, July 22, 2013

A Small Substitution

This is an interesting piece about Islam and economics brought to my attention by my friend and colleague, Dan Peterson. The author talks about how different people's attitude towards government is influenced by their position in government. I find the argument works on a smaller scale simply by substituting a smaller scale term for the author's use of "state":
It's simply an indisputable fact of human nature. The [administration] creates perverse incentives. It's not a conspiracy. It's not an agenda. It's just a fact. The [administration] cares not for reason and evidence. The [administration] cares about power. So, it will always prefer, publish and promote the scholar that legitimizes it's power. And the scholars who oppose [administration] power will always be ignored, obscure, and if necessary attacked. The [administration] will always chose Keynes over Hayek, and the seekers of Truth have an obligation to revisit their view of history, theology, politics, economics and every other soft science in light of that fact.