Thursday, September 26, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From That My Family Should Partake (1974), 32-33:
No one who understands the purposes of God can, therefore, refuse to take his own responsibility for a portion of history. In such a context, little wonder that the doctrines and teachings of God matter so much. It is most unfortunate that in the surge toward secularism those who have ignored the teachings of God about the purpose of life and this planet have been so heedless; the Christian's response involves more than merely replacing the doctrinal divots on the fairway that the secularists have torn up. Even worse, as secularism has pushed out Christian thought, it has developed its own powerful dogmas it defends and, in a sense, "has turned against its own basic ideal of truth-seeking." In this regard, secularism is increasingly orthodox and is very harsh on heretics.