Thursday, October 31, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From this talk:
The day the Prophet Joseph ended his bondage in Liberty Jail, 6 April 1839, involved yet another significant event. Heber C. Kimball recorded in his journal that on that day

the following words came to my mind, and the Spirit said unto me, "write," which I did by taking a piece of paper and writing on my knee as follows: . . . "Verily I say unto my servant Heber, thou art my son, in whom I am well pleased for thou art careful to hearken to my words, and not transgress my law, nor rebel against my servant Joseph Smith, for thou has a respect to the words of mine anointed, even from the least to the greatest of them; therefore thy name is written in heaven, no more to be blotted out for ever, because of these things." [Words, p. 18]

Note how much importance the Lord attached to our being loyal to his servants! It is no different now.