Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From The Smallest Part (1973), 21-22:
Precisely because of the force of his conscience, the Christian knows the adversary is "jamming" the signals from conscience, hoping we will drift into "mainstream" and away from the "strait and narrow" course. Satan also sends out his own signals and seeks to put an unchaste society on guard against prudery; to warn a relatively idle people about being overworked and exploited; to alert a permissive society concerning the dangers of authority precisely as that society is rushing headlong into anarchy; to prod alienated souls (who hunger for belonging and the sense of being useful and needed) to abandon the family and to avoid parenthood; to induce those wishing to be more "free" to build around themselves higher and higher walls of sensuality; and to tout "honest" books, movies, and dramas, but to avoid being honest with themselves.