Thursday, December 26, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From A Time to Choose (1972), 30:
The disciple is also in a position to avoid over-reacting to the fads of his time—intellectually, behaviorally and politically. The disregard of those in Noah's era is a classic example of insensitive preoccupation with things not spiritual. On a much smaller scale, the 1920s in America saw some Americans so busy "doing their own thing" that as a nation we ignored the warning signals which preceded the great depression; we were also unready to face the onrushing realities of Fascism and Communism—whereas today many are blind to the dangers of self-oppression, the chains we put on ourselves, which is the real tyranny of our time. The point is not to suggest that men can be sensitive to all the warning signals swirling about them, but that the disciple, by keeping himself attuned to the Source of information, will know which signals to respond to; inspiration frees him from the limitations of his own experience! In a secular analogy, research has shown that there were many warnings about an impending attack on Pearl Harbor, but the very volume of those indicators virtually insured their being ignored.