Monday, December 30, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From We Will Prove Them Herewith (1982), 57-58 :
Moreover, with one group's exception, each of us will go to a kingdom of glory. (D&C 88:24.) Knowing as we do the beauties of this earth, which the Lord described as "good," can we not quiver just a bit in anticipation of those kingdoms that He calls not only good, but also places of "glory"? God is not given to hyperbole!

Thus we shall be filled with everlasting gratitude for that which God in His mercy provides in each of the degrees of glory. We shall not question His justice, for He is perfect in His attribute of justice. Of course, in each of our cases we will perceive what might have been, but even so, we can only be content with our allotment given our "on-the-record" performance on this planet combined with the carryover from our first estate. We will have had our chance "according to the flesh" and "in process of time."

In the sobering events that are impending in the playing-out of human history, we can better understand why this must be so. Even the martyrdom of certain saints has been permitted so that the record can be clear. (D&C 88:94.) If the judgments of God were to come upon mankind in advance of wickedness, then God would not be a just God.