Monday, February 18, 2013

From the Mormon Odditorium

From The Mormon Odditorium for today:
The whole people have a vote in the selection of their officers; and if they appoint wicked men for their Governors and for their rulers, and then those rulers go to work and rule unrighteously, tyrannize over the poor and humble, and sacrifice human life to satisfy their wicked ambition, at whose hands will the Lord require the blood of the innocent? He will require it of those who elected the officers; for the responsibility does not rest alone upon the Presidents, or Governors, of Judges, but it rests in a great measure with the people who placed them in power, when a nation becomes corrupt and appoints corrupt and wicked rulers, and sustains them in their wickedness." Wilford Woodruff, January 10, 1858, JD 7:105.