Monday, February 18, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From That Ye May Believe (1992), 164:
Early members of the Church, with all their journeys, relocations, and persecutions, didn't have much leisure time in which to study the Book of Mormon in great detail. Nevertheless they received a firm testimony of its authenticity.

This fact is symbolized by a few surviving tombstones in southern Ohio and Indiana which speak for themselves. Displayed atop those tombstones are a stone Bible and Book of Mormon. Those early members left evidence that they knew, through the Restoration, we had been "added upon," and they were bold in so signifying and exulting.

Someday the boldness of the people of the Church may match the boldness of the doctrines of the Church. Right now, we are rather shy. We don't understand how remarkable as well as plentiful those doctrines are. They contain the answers to the most vexing and searching of all human questions.