Sunday, February 3, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From Not My Will but Thine (), 77-78:
If one has any doubt about how enormous ego is, he need only look at history. How often history turns upon collisions and intrusions of ego: Lucifer's bid for power in the premortal existence; Cain's bid for ascendancy over Abel; Lucifer's pleading for Moses to worship him; Jacob and Esau's earlier jousting over place; David's apparent feeling, despite loyal Uriah, that the burdens of leadership were such that he deserved Bathsheba; Laman and Lemuel's refusing to be "ruled over" by Nephi; the anxious mother of James and John seeking next-world ascendancy for them; and the rejection of Abinadi, the prophet, by a society who felt he had no business telling them what to do, just as in ancient Israel when some rebelled against Moses.

In all these and in episodes like them in our daily lives we see ego at work, refusing to give place for faith unto repentance.