Friday, November 8, 2013

Saved by a Dolphin

Herodotus (I.23-24) tells the story of Arion, a Greek poet. In his day he was the most famous singer in the world. Arion got his money in Taenarum. Sailing back home to Corinth, the sailors decided that they could use the money that he had earned far better than he could. So they decided to throw him overboard and take the money that he had raised. He, however, sang one last song and when he jumped ship, a dolphin saved him and swam him back to Taenarum. In the end, Arion made it back to Corinth where Periander, the ruler of Corinth, caught the sailors in their lies and punished them appropriately.

At least one aspect of this ancient tale has now been called into question. Too bad.