Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Today's Maxwell Quote

From A More Excellent Way (1967), 13-14:
Finally, when we falter, or get discouraged, the Church offers us a panorama of models who have prevailed; these authenticators are evidence of the fruits of faith and the holiness of hope. As we encounter the mist-shrouded portions of life's trail, we can grasp the "iron rod," for the age has now arrived, which Dostoevsky foresaw when
‎‎"Freedom, free thought, and science will lead mankind into such straits and will bring them face to face with such marvels and insoluable mysteries, that some of them, the fierce and rebellious ones, will destroy themselves, and others . . . will destroy one another, while the rest, weak and unhappy . . . will . . . whine 'save us from ourselves!'"