Tuesday, January 8, 2013

From the Mormon Odditorium

Today's Mormon Odditorium had the following quote of interest:
I would like to see men who never become so old that they cannot learn. I desire to see everybody on the track of improvement, gaining all the knowledge, power, and advancement possible for them to gain and possess. But so it is: many of the first members in this Church appear as thought they never could keep pace with the times, increasing in the knowledge of the truth and improving thereupon. I will tell you how to expand and increase as far as I know. Let your whole soul--affections, actions, wishes, desires, every effort and motive, and every hour's labour you perform be with a single eye to the building up the Zion of God on the earth. If you will pursue this course, you will learn every day and make advancements every hour. But when you so love your property as to quarrel and contend about this, that, or the other trifling affair, as though all your affections were placed upon the changing, fading things of earth, it is impossible to increase in the knowledge of truth. (Brigham Young, 8 October 1859, JD 7:337).